Designated Suppliers

Fluresh is a Class C Medical Grow facility licensed by the State of Michigan with operations located at 1751 West Beecher Road, Adrian, Michigan 49221.  Fluresh is also an operator of a medical provisioning center located at 1213 Phillips Avenue, SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49507.  Fluresh provides medical products across the state of Michigan and operate essential agricultural operations at this facility.  Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19) and the Stay Home, Stay Alive Bulletin issued by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, we are authorized to engage in the activities as authorized by the State.   

Further, Fluresh is authorized to designate employees and contractors as necessary to support our activities, to cover supplies and provide services.   Below is a list of essential suppliers Fluresh has designated.  This list may be updated as necessary to ensure that we are able to continue to provide essential services.   


Designated Suppliers 

Company Name  Services 
Krieghoff-Lenawee Co.  Construction/Maintenance Services 
Signal88  Security Services 
Allied Universal  Security Services 
Hake Industries  Security Infrastructure Services 
Brint Electric  Construction/Electrician Services 
Adrian Mechanical  Construction Services 
Construction Simplified  Construction Services 
Cintas  Uniform and other business solutions 
Ooze Wholesale  Packaging Supplies 
Labelmybud  Packaging Supplies 
Empyreal  Financial Services 
Motas Transportation  Transportation of Product 
Haven Financial  Financial Services 
AOS  Computer and Printer Services 
Enpower Technical Solutions  Computer Services 


Designated Employees 


Full Name  Title 
Christopher Anderson  General Counsel 
Margaret Anderson  Packaging Technician 
Thayeransel Anderson  Extraction Technician 
Megan Archer  Manager of Extraction and Prdn 
Christopher Arth  Cultivation Technician 
Scott Asiala  VP of Cultivation 
Leah Bailey  CEO 
Alyssa Baldazo  Packaging Technician 
Adam Barker  Cultivation Supervisor 
William, Andrew BeDell  Post Harvest Technician 
Tom Benson  CFO 
Stephanie Benson  Cultivation Technician 
Stephanie Bolyard  METRC Technician 
David Booth  Facilities Technician 
Nickolas Bosel  Post Harvest Technician 
Tarrah Bower  Packaging Team Lead 
Josh Briskey  Harvest Technician 
Jacob Brown   Metric Specialist 
Roger Cain  Cultivation Technician 
William Carlo  Post Harvest Technician 
Jacob Casper  Cultivation Supervisor 
Alyssa Christy  Cannabis Advisor / Reception 
Daniel Coleman  Cultivation Technician 
Bryan Cooksey  Cultivation Technician 
Jim Crowther  Director of Extraction & Production 
Mitchell Cureton  Packaging Supervisor 
Cory Czapiga  Cultivation Technician 
Benjamin Delozier  Cultivation Technician 
Markos Diaz  Harvest Technician 
Skyler Dietrich  Cultivation Technician 
Kevin Donnelly  Sales Director 
Aaron Duckworth  VP of R&D and QC 
William Dune  Cultivation Supervisor 
Matt Eastman  HR Manager 
Dylan Eckels  Sr. Scientist 
Matt Eichenberg  Packaging Technician 
Jacob Fein  Controller 
Lena Fife  Cultivation Technician 
Edrick Ford  Custodian 
Amy Fosbender  Packaging Technician 
Julie Fox  Packaging Technician 
Scotty Fuller  Facilities Technician 
Danny Glisson  Cultivation Technician 
Lupita Glisson  Packaging Technician 
Amanda Grah  PT Receptionist 
Stephanie Grams  Packaging Technician 
James Haley  Cultivation Supervisor 
Tiffany Hayward  Cannabis Advisor 
Roscoe Heroy  Processing Packaging Technician 
Tegan Hilyard  Special Projects Asst.  
Anthony Hollis  Harvest Technician 
Shane Hosler  Packaging Technician 
Erika Huntsman  Cultivation Technician 
Cyle Hurst  Facilities Coordinator 
Elisabeth Johnston  Cultivation Technician 
Jeffrey Kapnick  Cultivation Technician 
Tyler Kimball  Sr. Cost Accountant 
Jerell Kimborough  Packaging Technician 
Rachelle Kirkwood  PC Assistant Mgr 
Robert Lea  Supply Chain Manager 
Christopher Lee  Cannabis Advisor 
Emma Lemke  Cannabis Advisor 
Marlee Lewis  Cannabis Advisor 
Sabina Lone  PC Manager 
Luis Madrid  Packaging Technician 
Mark Maze  GM, Grand Rapids 
Dylan McGuire  Harvest Technician 
Chad Miller  Cultivation Technician 
Denavvia Mojet  Corporate Impact Strategist & Legal Compliance Mgr 
Jason Morgan  Harvest Technician 
Jordan Neal  Harvest Technician 
Trevor O’Hare  Harvest Technician 
Sara Ondrus  Extraction Technician 
Joshua Ondrus  Cultivation Technician 
Joe Palmer  Cultivation Technician 
Eric Pauley  Cultivation Technician 
Mayteah Perry  Cannabis Advisor 
Brooke Pilon  Cultivation Technician 
Hassan Rashid  Cannabis Advisor 
Sandra Risner  Cultivation Technician 
Carly Rodriguez  Cultivation Technician 
James Rouleau  Purchasing, Inventory & Metric Manager 
Jordan Santo  Cultivation Manager 
Alan Schafer  Cultivation Technician 
Jeffrey Schurr  Post Harvest Technician 
Joseph Schurr  Cultivation Technician 
Christen Sears  Receptionist 
Christine Shollenberger  Maketing Director 
Chad Slates  Cultivation Technician 
Justin Southworth  Cultivation Supervisor 
Damian Spiegelberg  Assistant Operations Manager 
Cody Stetten  Processing Packaging Technician 
Ashley Swart  Processing Packaging Technician 
Robyn Tilma   Cannabis Advisor 
Pedro Torres  Packaging Technician 
Brian Trimble  Extraction Technician 
Alexis Tuffs  Sr. Staff Accountant 
Sarah Tuttamore  Packaging Technician 
Jamie Urban  Cannabis Advisor 
Tamera Valdez  Custodian 
Darian Vaughn  PT Cannabis Advisor 
Gustavo Vicente  Cultivation Technician 
Bethany Walker  Cultivation Technician 
Shane White  Harvest Technician 
Dane Wilson  Shuttle Driver 
Jeff Winograd  Research and Admin Assistant 
Benjamin Ziebro  Fulfilment Distribution Supervisor