SINGLE ORIGIN FLOWER Available in 1/8 oz varieties

High quality, thoughtfully curated cultivars, nurtured in state-of-the-art grow facilities. ​ We harvest our cannabis at peak potency, seal it inside an airtight jar and preserve it with a light-protective box so you get the freshest flower possible. Our package is artfully designed to convey the cultivar’s unique effects.

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Bulk flower also available for wholesale customers. CONTACT US >

PRE-ROLL 5-PACK Available in 5-count 0.5g varieties

Our hand finished pre-rolls, made from premium cannabis flower, are a convenient way to experience the effects of our curated cultivars on-the-go. Our pre-roll five packs are great for once you have a favorite cultivar or when you want to share with friends.​

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SINGLE PRE-ROLLS Available in .7g varieties

Single pre-roll made with the same premium whole cannabis flower found in our 1/8 oz jars and enclosed in a reusable glass, travel-sized tube for ultimate freshness and convenience. Perfect for trying something new or taking on the go.

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WHERE TO FIND FLURESH PRODUCTS The Fluresh collection is available at stores across Michigan and at our very own store in Grand Rapids.