The Carbon DifferenceWhen you respect the plant at every step in the process, the results speak for themselves.

  • Optimized Environment: We use state of the art technology to create the perfect environment for optimal growing conditions.
  • Hang Dried Whole: We hang dry our plants whole to minimize impact on our most precious material.
  • Extended Dry & Cure Time: We allow our plants to dry for longer than most producers & never short change the curing process to ensure a smooth, milky smoke.
  • No Mechanical Trimmers: We handle our plants with the utmost care in a way no machine can.

EXPLORE OUR STRAINS Premium flower passionately cultivated.

Cannabis's full potential is unlocked when every ingredient works together in its natural form. By placing an emphasis on cultivating exceptional cultivars with heavy terpene profiles, we’ve been able to harvest some of the highest testing strains Michigan has ever seen.

Available strains vary by retail location. This strain library is not a guarantee of availability.

EXPERIENCE LIVE CONCENTRATES Powerful potency meets exceptional flavor.

We use hydrocarbon extraction to derive high quality concentrates from freshly frozen flower that retain their complete terpene profile for robust flavor and aroma. With three distinct textures to choose from and a broad range of cultivars available, our concentrates bring variety and versatility to your concentrate experience.​

LET’S TALK TERPENES Quality cannabis isn’t just about THC.

We all love THC, but terpenes are what gives cannabis the wide variety of complex aromas, flavors and effects that make each strain unique. Understanding your preferred terpene profile can help you find the strains you’ll enjoy the most or the ones that are right for your specific needs. Terpenes are the guide to your cannabis journey and learning more about them will enrich and personalize your experience.